Welcome to Baton Rouge’s Official Open Data Portal!

Open Data BR is part of a comprehensive effort to build more effective, responsive, transparent, and digital local government agencies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Learn more about these and other official transparency initiatives for our City-Parish government: www.brla.gov/transparency.

Housing and Development

Explore residential and commercial development activity in Baton Rouge via data ranging from detailed lot, address and jurisdictional information to neighborhood maps and permit information.

Culture and Recreation

Learn more about Baton Rouge’s cultural landmarks via detailed mapping data for sites such as historic landmarks and scenic areas, or explore recreation data for golf courses, parks and more.


Take some time to explore the ins-and-outs of our City-Parish government, from current and historic employee salary information to data for City-Parish public facilities.

Business and Financial

Learn more about the foundation of Baton Rouge’s local economy. Key data points provided in these data sets include occupational license information, NAICS codes, business registrations and more.

Public Safety

Get access to critical public safety indicators, including current crime data and statistics such as police or fire incidents, traffic and vehicle accident information, and more.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Learn more about what keeps Baton Rouge moving via data such as detailed traffic flow counts, street data, transit routes and more.